A Welcome Message from Dr. Lisa Dunne, the Department Chair

The study of communication teaches students to read contexts and cultures, determining the best way to connect with others inside of those contexts. Students developing analytical, speaking, and advocacy skills that allow for critical thought, as well as the ability to articulate clearly through writing, presentations, technology. In this way, communication students are well poised to assume leadership positions inside their respective organizations.

Communication students learn to become more competent communicators, gaining a full understanding both how communication works and how to improve communication effectiveness across various contexts: in relationships, in the workplace, in group settings, in the context of health, and between and within various cultures.

The major in Communication is an interdisciplinary curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. It seeks to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of the nature of human communication, the symbolic systems by which it functions, the environments in which it occurs, and its impact on society. Employing critical and empirical approaches, the major draws its resources from the social sciences, humanities, and the fine arts.

Two emphases are offered in the Communication Department.

Broadcast Journalism
This concentration provides students with the foundational skills needed for news reporting and broadcast journalism. Students will gain reporting experience that prepares them for contributing meaningful story content to a culture inundated by trivia.
Interpersonal Communication
This concentration provides students with a deeper understanding of the challenges and demands of interpersonal communication. Students will be better equipped to provide support and bring healing to the challenges within their personal and professional relationships.

SDC Communication Department

"The Department of Communication creates intentional opportunities for students to develop emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually." - Dr. Lisa Dunne, Department Chair

Chandler Corzine

"The communication department has developed much more than my knowledge on the art of communication and my ability to practice it. I learned about the importance and necessity of community and proper mentorship. Having smaller class sizes provides a natural format for discussion based learning where you are able to personally engage with your professor and hear from the perspective of each of your classmates, giving you an overall balanced and deeper understanding of each topic addressed.”

Chandler Corzine, Senior Communication Major