College Credits

A maximum of 90 credit hours for courses from other institutions may be considered for transferal to a degree program at San Diego Christian College. 

Only 12 upper division credit hours can be transferred into a major.  Transfer credit hours are granted for appropriate courses from accredited or recognized colleges and universities.  A maximum of 15 credit hours will be accepted for non-equivalent courses as general electives only.

A maximum of 15 credit hours may be transferred from correspondence schools and Accelerated Christian Education college courses.  You may receive transfer credit hours for a lower division course but they may be used only for a lower division course.

Transferable Grades

A grade of C (2.0) or better is transferable (a C- will not be accepted). Grades in courses completed at another college will not be computed in the SDCC grade point average. Appropriateness of course content and credit hour value are the guides used in transfer credit evaluation. Courses completed at another college for which a corresponding course does not exist at SDCC may be granted general elective credit hour(s).

San Diego Christian has articulation agreements with several local community colleges.  To view which credits from these colleges are transferrable into San Diego Christian, please follow the link below:

Articulation Agreements

Bible Courses

The College has Special College Requirements which include a number of courses in Bible, theology, and philosophy. You may not be required to take all the courses. Transfers with over 40 credit hours which apply to the degree program are required to take at least one Special College Requirement course per semester.